Farm Hamelfontein

Farm Hamelfontein, Davel, Bethal, 2356

082 4155 448

Simeon Hurwitz


Green Star Contractors offers till, no-till planting operations, and strip-till planting as well. We use top of the range planters. Crops are planted by experts and agricultural leaders in planting equipment. Our planters are able to plant a very wide variety of crops. All planters are equipped with state of the art precision farming technology to ensuring maximum returns based on water, soil and weather conditions. 

Green Star Contractors is equipped with the experience and skill to ensures that the required plant populations is achieved. We try to minimise the risk associated with planting. Our precision planting units ensure that the best and most consistent spacing is achieved. It also helps to eliminate mistakes and is designed to handle the different variety of seed shapes and sizes. 

Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999